PRODUCT CLINICS (site survey)
RDS specializes in various methods of product research that results in concise, organized, and professional research studies. The ultimate goal for RDS is to retrieve the highest quality data for our clients in the most cost effective way.
The RDS philosophy is that in order to retrieve high quality, pure data you must first create a pleasurable and professional research experience for respondents. RDS has developed unique organizational methods that minimizes respondent confusion and maximizes high quality data.
These organizational methods have also resulted in a controlled, even flow, allowing for maximum data retrieval in a minimum amount of time; giving our clients the most data they can get for their money. These methods are applied to all branches of RDS product research: static and dynamic studies, conjoint studies, in-home interviews, and focus groups.
RDS is staffed with highly trained, experienced, professional interviewers. With their professional approach, and ability to probe without leading, our interviewing staff is able to provide understanding behind the respondent’s quantitative ratings.