We have extensive experience in developing, implementing, and analyzing mail surveys. A Mail Survey involves having respondents complete a written questionnaire, which would be returned back to our Cypress office. Mail Surveys are excellent for gathering large samples from specific populations such as customers or prospects.
In addition to gathering information, the Mail Survey can communicate messages such as new products, services or the feeling that the company behind the survey in concerned about their customers. In past surveys we have used a variety of traditional and non-traditional types of incentives and other techniques to achieve cost-effective consumer response rates.
We utilize a scripted process in designing our mail surveys so they are easy to understand and complete. Our goal is not to see how many questions we can fit on one page, but on how many valid responses we can get. We conduct all aspects of the mail survey process (except printing) in-house at our Cypress office. This includes mail-out, returning processing, data entry, verbatim coding (if needed), and reporting.